Cats are very particular about cleanliness and hygiene. They have a very sensitive sense of smell and pick up on odours much earlier and far more intensely than humans do. They have very high standards when it comes to cat litter boxes.

All Tigerino clumping and silicate litters are highly absorbent. They are also antibacterial and very economical.

Tigerino cat litter absorbs nasty smells in seconds and provides top-quality litter that keeps cats and their owners happy. All Tigerino litters are made using only the very best, top quality materials.

Tigerino Canada is a 100% pure natural clumping litter. Made in Canada from natural clay granules it is highly absorbent (350%) and very economical. It rapidly forms into clumps and is up to 4 x more efficient than conventional clumping litter! The granules are especially fine and 99% dust-free. It is free from any kind of chemical additives. It binds odors gently and efficiently and is suitable for sensitive cats and households with allergy sufferers.

Tigerino Nuggies cat litter is made 100% bentonite, a natural clay which forms rapidly into clumps when it comes into contact with moisture. The clumps are flat and firm which makes them easy to remove. It effectively locks nasty odors in which makes life more pleasant for pets and their owners.

Tigerino Plant-Based cat litter is a plant-based litter that clumps quickly. The particularly sustainable litter is very hygienic, economical, and biodegradable. As the plant-based pellets clump well and are water-soluble, the litter can be disposed of in the toilet in an environmentally friendly way. Its properties make it particularly suitable for kittens.

Tigerino Crystals cat litter stops bad odors in seconds thanks to its silicate structure. This litter absorbs huge amounts of liquids and odor in a unique way and can absorb nearly its own weight in liquid. Urine, odors, and germs are absorbed in seconds. Moisture evaporates and odor molecules stay bonded in the crystals. The countless micro-pores in Tigerino absorb the moisture immediately to keep the litter box dry.

It is low in dust, light, and very economical. Tigerino Crystals cat litter is available in various granule sizes, from coarse to fine.

Choose the perfect litter for your cat from the wide range of Tigerino cat litter.