Cat lovers want the very best for their cats, and this includes a litter which suits their cats’ hygiene needs. Cats have a highly developed sense of smell and can be very selective in their choice of litter.

Your cat will need to feel happy with the size of the litter tray, its location and the litter before it will start to use it. The choice of litter is especially important: it must be the right consistency, and kind to cat paws. It should also absorb moisture and nasty smells.

The litter should not stick to your cat’s fur or paws, and cat owners will appreciate it if it is good value for money. Tigerino cat litter is designed to meet all your cat’s needs and ticks all the boxes.

No matter whether you are looking for a top quality clumping litter, a silicate litter, with or without baby powder or other fragrances, you are bound to find the right litter in the Tigerino range. All Tigerino litters are highly absorbent, very economical and antibacterial.